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Safe Management Measures for SUTD Classes

NEW Safe Management Measures have been introduced to ensure the welfare & protection of all our players & coaches.
Please take some time to read through the following measures before attending our classes. Thank you!


Upon Arrival at SUTD
– Scan the SUTD QR code to complete the SafeEntry procedure.
– SUTD will also have a link for all visitors to complete the Health & Travel Declaration Forms. (This link will be provided closer to date.)
– Temperature check will be carried out by SUTD staff.
– Trainees are to wear masks until the point when they enter the hall and begin training.

Entrance & Dismissal

– Trainees will enter the hall 1 group at a time, according to the training area they have been assigned to. Trainees will also be dismissed 1 group at a time.
– Toilet breaks will be given 1 group at a time.
– Only coaches and trainees are allowed inside the sports hall, all parents are to stay outside the hall. Parents are advised not to loiter around the school compound while waiting for their children.
– All trainees are not allowed to move in and out of the halls without the permission of YFA’s coaches or management.
– Hand sanitiser will be placed at the entrance and exit of each sports hall.

Training Arrangements
– Each Hall will be divided into 5 training areas and their respective resting areas, and each area will hold a maximum of 5 trainees at any time.
– There will be 3m spacing between each training area; there will be no trainees allowed in the training area when they are all supposed to be in their respective resting areas.
– Trainees will place their belongings in the respective resting areas allocated to their training group, and will not b allowed to intermingle with other groups. They will also maintain safety distance of 2m between each other while training and resting.
– Coaches will give instructions from outside the training area, and they will also be wearing face shields.

Types of Activities

– Only drills and physical training will be carried out, there will be no game time.


– Floorball sticks will no longer be provided for trainings. Trainees without their own sticks are advised to purchase one. Our Accufli Airtek27 sticks are available for purchase at $40 (Usual Price $110) on YouthFloorballShop.
– Equipment that are shared i.e. balls and goalposts will be disinfected before and after training. Equipment used for each training area will only be used for that particular area (and not shared with the other training areas).

Use of Showers
– All trainees are not advised to use the SUTD showers so as to prevent intermingling.

Use of SUTD Track
– SUTD Track will be closed to the public.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with the above-mentioned measures.


If you have yet to sign up for our sessions, please Whatsapp 91295138 to enquire.